Welcome to Optimum Hope!

Not just an
exercise program...
Parkinson's Recovery.

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing coaching and exercise designed to optimize brain health, repair, and function.


The Optimum Hope! Program is Parkinson’s specific to affect a “Brain Change.” Participants focus on physical effort, attentional focus, cognitive interaction, and emotional engagement with guided big, repetitive, and alternating movements. A detailed Physical Therapy Evaluation is completed to identify specific deficits, current functional ability, and appropriate class level that will maximize benefits.


basic membership

3 group classes
per week

1-1 Physical Therapy Sessions

3-5 days per week (6-10 hours)
for 2 weeks (as needed or recommended)
Optional classes offered:

Yoga, Tai Chai, Dance, Boxing, + more.
(times vary throughout the month)

Our mission is to Offer Optimum Hope! to the Parkinson's community by providing tools, information, and strategies to empower each individual to take control of their future with Parkinson’s. To challenge, encourage, motivate and promote self wellness with confidence to know you are working toward your best and there is a team behind you! "Attitude determines Altitude" as Zig Ziglar says and we are here to take you new heights in your PD Journey.

Get Involved

Help provide Optimum Hope! to the Parkinson’s community.


Your donation will help many who cannot pay our full fee and are in need of a scholarship to be able to attend a program such as this.


Our classes include "corner men" volunteers who ensure the safety of particpants. Do you have what it takes to be a corner man?